Earth Day Cleanup, etc.

Hello friend,


Happy spring to you and yours! We have a few updates and happenings to share with you.


The land has gone from mud to dry earth and we’re grateful for moisture, always and also, we’re ready for the transition to warmer weather!


Warmer weather means outdoor events, so please Save-the-Date for:


Saturday, April 22nd, Earth Day, because we’re celebrating by partnering with the Island Range Chapter of Wild Montana for a clean up of the state lands. The event will start at 9am. Details forthcoming!


Sunday, June 11th, because we’re having our 2nd BBQ! Same place as last year with additional details to follow.


We’ve learned that the agreement has been signed with the DNRC and the next step is for the agency to put out bids to appraisers to appraise and evaluate the land. We are actively trying to be involved in this process and are actively communicating with the DNRC as changes occur and plans take shape.


Fundraising is our greatest need because we know the easement on the state lands will not be cheap.


The appraisal will give us the total cost of the easement which will be in perpetuity. While we are hoping for a large donor to come out of the woodwork, we truly believe that as a collective, we can keep this land open through the power of our community and working together. We’ve been actively writing and seeking out grants, have held a few successful outreach events, and want you to know that the road from here is still uphill.


Any funds you can give to MROLP are greatly appreciated. Talking about what’s happening and why you care about keeping the land open is also incredibly important because through awareness, we can then engage with folks who may not be aware of the challenge we’re facing and this potential loss of access to our public lands. Please share this email with a friend or family member so they know what’s at stake!


Please reach out with any questions and get in touch if you’re interested in volunteering, event planning or being more involved with MROLP.


All our best,



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