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We need more financial contributions to complete the survey and appraisal.  Please send in your TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution today.  We really need your help now.

Please make your contribution by check payable to Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation with the notation that they are to be used for the Missouri River Open Lands Fund.  When you send in your contribution, please email or call letting me (Al) know how much you sent in so we can track the contributions.

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Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation

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We will not be able to keep this land as open space without your help now.

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The Montana state lands between Fox Farm Road and the Missouri River that is adjacent to City of Great Falls is in danger of being developed in the near future.  The development is the preferred option by Montana since this property is “state school trust lands” which state law requires maximum income be derived to benefit the state school system.

But there is an alternative that YOU can help to keep with.  If we work together we can acquire the funds necessary so the land will remain as open space.  We will need to get as many individuals, groups, agencies and businesses to support this effort to help us raise almost $1 million that the land as been appraised for.  We hope the majority of the funds will come from a special open space grant program but to rank high we need lots of letters of support and cash donations to make sure we reach that goal.

If you are willing to help – contact the Missouri River Open Space Preservation to get involved.


Fox Farm State Lands

1.    The state lands between Fox Farm Road and the Missouri River should be dedicated and preserved as open space for the present and future generations of residents throughout the Great Falls region.

2.    This site should be a destination area for recreational and educational activities while smart growth occurs around it.

3.    This land should be used for education purposes because of its status as virgin prairie, its unique historical and cultural worth and its diverse animal habitat.